Efficiency Structured XML

esXML and esDOM, the esXML canonical API, provide a solution to most XML and network application efficiency problems related to data parsing, serialization, binding, allocation, and programming verbosity. This work is both a personal and professional project of Stephen D. Williams. This presentation provides more details about the problems this work is solving and the current state of design decisions. Working implementations of esXML/esDOM will be available under an Open Source license for a number of language environments and it is expected that commercial support will be available.

New 0.9 version of esXML specification available here. This version is designed to be tunable in several ways to handle processing, compactness, and processing+compactness optimized application scenarios. This specification was submitted to the W3C Efficient XML Interchange working group on Jan. 22, 2006. In my opinion, all generally accepted requirements for a general purpose data format are supported.

Please send a message to sdw@lig.net with when you read, download, or have any interest in this work. Discussion about use, need, and implementation are welcome. Additionally, interested parties should sign up with the esXML mailing lists:esXML User and Announce and esXML Developers.

The presentation, in slightly different versions, was presented at Extreme Markup Languages 2003 in early Aug. 2003, Montreal, Canada, and the W3C workshop on binary XML infoset representation in Santa Clara, California.

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Author: Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net